The Poetic Contineralism - a manifesto to the request "What´s art?"
(original german - still no professional translation available)

A definition is the shortest and, at the same time, most complete description of a certain subject (also in the area of ideas). This definition is fitting for this only subject and nothing else. Using this definition as a recipie you´ll be able to construct the defined subject - and just the described subject.
It works with Art also. Like this:

Art = [equals] the with a public interacting purposeful result of the creative ability and skill of self-confident individuals. Art arise exclusively by the co-operation of the elements: Ego-reliance, Decoration, Message, Science, Experiment and Therapy.
Using other words: Everyone (Ego-reliance) who does, shows or acts (Decoration) something, giving a message with it (Message), making it skilful (Science) and original (Experiment) to impress a possible public (Therapy) does - necessarily - Art.
The more famous the men in his doing and being, the more noticable the thing he made, the more meaningful the message, the better the realisation, the more innovative the content, the longer lasting the effect - the more valuable the product is as Art.

The contineralism (continere, lat. = containing, including, holding together) ist the very first style submits compromiseless to the conception of art in the sense of this formula.
Still above it "Contineralism" means contained and word-expressable spirit; means, by the creator visualised and by the consumer independent variably, thinking. A contineralist will not be satisfied by creating nice decorations, genial shocking or by manual skill virtuosity. A contineralist will see all this just as condition, as supposition and ingredient, that, plus others, makes the product done by him finally art.
Who confesses to the contineralism, marks off himself and his creations against just pure decorative close-to-nature or as well pure decorative abstraction; against every type of now-I´m-going-to-find-myself!-brushwork or minimalist this-dot-can-express-Everything-nonsense.
Contineralism is no new direction of art at all, containing and describing new forms of art. The essencial new and - if comprehended - spectacular is: The contineralism is the first excluding style, because the "Art of containing" is valid for a wide range of the arts of the Old and New Masters as well as the surrealism, the expressionism, the symbolism, the dadaism and much more directions without tolerating their branchings into the no-content, into pure adornment, pure provocation or speculative "informal" importance. In the era of contineralism as a describable and comprehendable art there will be - like in every other aspect of human doings - good and bad contineralists. Good contineralists will earn their appreciation. Bad ones will have to give more efforts or search for another job.
It´s not be worth anymore to hide oneselfs incompetence behind the backs of eloquent "scientists" of art!

So for me it will be the Poetic Contineralism. A poetic form shall embrace a poetic content, and I see poetry as a wave; like vibrating, sensible balance between tension and relaxation, between excitement and meditation, between light and dark, between rest and movement. Thinking, creating and composing will be the three pillars of my art, the Poetic Contineralism.
While language as instrument of thinking is indispensable anyway, so the poetic contineralism gives this language into a visible artificial form. Opinion, reading and language shall grow, around a thought, through the observers own thinking, for new ideas and inspirations.
In my conception of art I´ll be contineralist; with the realisation of a connection of mind, picture and language I´ll be poetic contineralist.

Timo Dillner, Lagos, Juni 2013