Contact and biography

  Timo Dillner - Contineralist

born 1966 in Wismar (GDR)
1985 - 1989 study of pedagogics, art and germanistic in Greifswald
1989 - 1998 assistant in the museum of contemporary arts in Cottbus
1990 start of the literary work as a sideline
1991 marriage
1992 birth of son Elias
1994 birth of daughter Malin
several exhibitions of his own works (drawing / painting) and publication of texts and poems in anthologies and magazines
1998 emigration to Portugal
after short-term and experimental activities, i.e. as a freelance writer to the Lagos´ "Xtrablatt", as an assistant in a private art gallery and as a freelance designer and craftsman, finally since
2000 Writer and Artist in the exclusive main job
2000 start of the artistic concept "paintings and poems"
2001 detective novel "Morgen bringe ich sie um" at the Verlag Neues Leben, Berlin (with Sabine Dillner)
prose and poetry in several german-speaking anthologies
2003 children's Book "Hexilon" Part I at the Carl Ueberreuter Verlag, Vienna (with Sabine Dillner)
2003 - 2009 yearly 2 exhibitions of drawings, paintings and sculptures in the Concelho de Lagos
2004 Children's Book "Hexilon" Part II of the Carl Ueberreuter Verlag, Vienna (with Sabine Dillner)
2004 Children's book "Das kleine grüne Haifisch-Ei", bilingual. german/port., with illustrations
2004 art-book, "Paintings and Poems," bilingual. german/port., with illustrations
2005 start of independent theoretical investigations on the Arts
2005 essays about arts-theory
2005 publication of the book "Hexilon I" in Hungarian translation
2005 Participation in Biennial I "MALA - Mostra de Artistas de Lagos" at the Centro Cultural de Lagos
2005 poetry collection "Der Angeber", with illustrations
2006 Audio-books, "Verstehst du was von Schafen?", "Der Angeber", Niklas und der Schwindelmeier, "Weiße Weihnacht "
2006 initiation of the Internet forum on "What is art?"
2006 start of work on the prose of the project "the century artwork"
2006 publication of the book "Hexilon II" in Hungarian translation
2006 Exhibition "Pinturas e Poemas" EMARP, Portimao
2007 final editing and publishing the book "Kunst = [ist gleich]" ("Art = [equals]")
2007 start of the scenic realization of the work "the century artwork"
2007 participation in Biennial II "MALA - Mostra de Artistas de Lagos" at the Centro Cultural de Lagos
2007 "Legends of the Algarve" threelingual engl./german/port., with illustrations
2008 fantasy novel "Der Tod des Königs," with illustrations
2008 completion of the bilingual (german/port.) Literature and Environment Project "Kurt und der Verzauberer" ("Kurt and the Enchanter")
2008 Reading Marathon at the German School of Lisbon
2008 first-time publication of the work, "the centuries-artwork" (under pseudonym Jeremias Hock) and publication of the book
2009 personal exhibition "Não Faras imagem para ti - You shall not make any graven image" at the Centro Cultural de Lagos, the catalog with an epilogue written by the Head of Language Department of the Goethe Institute, Lisbon, Dr. Dorothea Klenke-Gerdes
2009 completion and publication of children's book, "Knopp und die Hexe vom Erlenbruch" ("Knopp and the Witch of the alder swamp") with illustrations
2009 exhibition of original illustrations and reading hosted in the Cottbus´ Town´s Library as part of the 17th Spring of Books, followed by reading trip
2009 participation in Biennial III "MALA - Mostra de Artistas de Lagos" at the Centro Cultural de Lagos
2009 invited to be part of the small circle of Lagos´ Poets by the Association "Grupo dos Amigos de Lagos" poetry anthology "5 Poetas de Lagos", Vol 4
2010 to date - implementation of the gallery project "a galeria" with cultural events and exhibitions of his own works in Lagos
2010 lecture on the Arts at the Universidade do Algarve, Portimao
2010 working on an accompanying PowerPoint presentation lecture on "Art = [equals]"
2010 participation in group exhibition "Retratos do Infante Henrique" at the Centro Cultural de Lagos
2010 start of introduction and investigation of the style of the art movement "Contineralismus"
2011 audiovisual lectures on "Art = [equals]" at high schools in Lagos Concelho
2011 illustrations for the book "Die Farbe deiner Welt" ("The Color of your world") by S. Roosendaal, at DeBoom-Verlag, Kiesby
2011 invention and presentation of the arts minister Fabius-Knowalot idea (cartoon animation)
2011 Fabius- Knowalot idea speaks to the issues of "art appreciation" Performance "and" art forgery "
2011 participation of IV Biennial "MALA - Mostra de Artistas de Lagos" at the Centro Cultural de Lagos
2011 president of the Algarve Regional Association of the German-Portuguese Society (founded 1964)
2011 Audio-Book "Terrible colorful fish" and remake "Der Angeber" with music by Elias "DElias" Dillner
2011 publication of the Manifesto "Contineralism"
2012 begins work on artistic issues of "readers and writers"
2012 readings for adults and children in Wismar and Greifswald
2012 personal exhibition "O Contineralismo Poetico", Casa Manuel Texeira Gomes, Portimão
2012 personal exhibition "O Contineralismo Poetico", Museu de Alhandra, Vila Franca de Xira
2013 Teilnahme an der 18. Internationalen Kunstausstellung in Vendas Novas (near Lissabon)
2013 personal exhibition "Der Poetische Contineralismus - New Ports", Galerie Baumhaus, Wismar (Germany)
2015 personal exhibition "Der Poetische Contineralismus - New Worlds", Museum Portimão; in the Catalogue a preface written by the portuguese embassador in Berlin, SE Luís de Almeida Sampaio


Grafiken von Timo Dillner - ein deutscher Künstler und Schriftsteller in Portugal