Craftwork/ special clocks - limited editions
  Image: Clock "Mr Busy"  

"Mr. Busy"

The 26-Hours-Clock.
Two hours extra for everyone who thinks the day goes too fast.

The Bonus-hour!

      Image: Clock "Lady Young"  

"Lady Young"

The Becoming-Younger-Clock with hands counting backwards

Gratis Time-Lifting!

  Image: Clock "Miss Sunshine"  

"Miss Sunshine"

The Excentric-Clock for those who don´t want to be the slaves of the time

Time is relative!

Image: Clock "Count Survey"

"Count Survey"

The All-The-World-Clock for the clever Businessmen. Every time in glance at once.

The real Time-Travel!

  Clocks made by Timo Dillner - a german artist and writer in Portugal