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Yes! is a good beginning. I guess, these two letters are reason enough for many people to let themself in for expensive whole-year-contracts of magazines like "The elder root in the history of watch-making". No uninteresting topic, admitted. But a whole year? Never mind. A warm welcome to you on my web page!

As an artist who has to make a living by his work, of course I´m selling it. Nevertheless, my website is made to awake interest and curiousity about the things I´m doing, not so much a selling-tool. That´s why it´s hard to find some prices. If you regard that as regrettable: A short e-mail to me will solve the problem, and in personal contact I will not hesitate to name the highest numbers.
By the way - a little red cross behind some works details means it´s already sold or given away.

in own business:


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